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Sparks Designs is a new graphic design service extension from Sparks Labels. Here I specialize in designing logos, postcards, brochures, ads, flyers, business cards, certificates, web graphics, product labels, invitations, or any graphic design-related project you can think of!

Since each project is unique, the exact price varies upon each project. Contact me for a quote anytime at:

Rates are per hour or per project. I strive for the rate that will benefit the client.

For example, a logo usually takes me anywhere from 10-20 hours and I am charging $25/hr with the quoted logo project rate at $350. If I take 10 hours to complete it, I will charge $250. If I take 20 hours to complete it, I will charge the quoted rate of $350 instead of the per hour rate of $500. 

Again, the turnaround time varies with each project and my workload. I try my best to complete a basic project within 1-5 days. I respond to e-mails and requests daily, so please don't hesitate to shoot me an e-mail if you are wondering how your project is progressing.


At the final stage, I will send a proof with light watermarks to see if any revisions are needed. When the client is happy and the final payment is confirmed, I will send all files with watermarks removed. 

A 50% deposit is required at the beginning of the project. For projects with a quote of $1000 or higher, the deposit is 35%. 

Design Process


  • to get a clear idea on what the client wants, such as font, placement of text and images, preferred colors, sizes, etc.

  • if the client can provide a mock-up or sample of what they would like, it could save a lot of time.


  • I will do some research and read about the client's brand or business for a better understanding of creating something that can best define my client's order in an effective way. 

Sketching (occasionally, depending on the project)

  • I will do some fast/simple outline sketches of different ideas and send a photo(s) of the sketches to the client for feedback. After we have settled on an outline, I will start my designing process. 


  • I make what we have discussed into a reality! 



  • Let's work together until we get something that you are happy with!